Phuket Thai and internnational restaurant Breakpoint in Patong Beach

Phuket Souvenir Shop in Patong Beach

South Road

プーケット 土産物店 サウスロード

We opened this souvenir shop "South Road" in Patong beach in 1996.
Then, at the end of year 2001 Break Point Hotel & Restaurant were opened.
The shop offers reasonable prices on a large selection of attractive items and local products. All have a price tags and some of the best deal in town, so no surprises.
Large size clothes are available too.

Popular items and recommendations. (Thai Baht)

パレオ ワンピース 巻きスカート Pareo: 130B Cotton dress short100B
(long 150B)
Long 130B/Short 100B

ナイトガウン シャツとパンツ こどもドレス Night wear350-400BMens cotton Shirts 200-220B
Mens cotton pants 100-120B
Kids dress: 90B
2 pieces: 140B

アロハシャツとシルクシャツ キャミソール スカーフ・ネクタイ Aloha shirt100-120B
Silk shirt 150B
Lady's top: 100B Neck Tie & Scarfs: 100B
バッグ ゲーム テーブルセット,箸セット Purse 20-90B Wooden games150-190B Table set100-120B
Choppstick set100B

象バッグ アルバム クッションカバー Elephant Purse: 50-120B Photo album: 220-380B Cushion Cover: 120-240B
  • Kids aloha shirt: 80B 
  • - kids T-shirt: 100B 
  • Cotton skirt with Top: 150B
  • Silk dress: 220B  
  • Silk skirt: 150-200B
  • Silk China dress: 250B
  • Bathing suit: 220-380B
  • Football shirt:100B
  • T-shirt:100-180B
  • Caps:130-190B  
Letter holder: 120B